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Guru-navi: Japan Restaurant Reviews!
Tokyo, Shin-Okubo: Korean: Matsuya 
15th-Jun-2006 10:25 pm
Tokyo, Shin-Okubo

Type: Restaurant
Genre: Korean
Cost: Kinda on the pricy side. I don't remember specifics, but each dish you order is probably going to cost you between 1000-3000 yen.
English OK:★☆☆☆☆

I'm not entirely sure why there's a Korean restaurant with this name, but it's certianly different from your friendly neighborhood gyudon restaurant. Matsuya is nestled into one of the backalleys of Shin-Okubo, but it's really freaking popular. Apparently reservations for dinner should be made a few weeks in advanced, or the place fills up.

The restuarant itself is kind of cool; it used to be a house, and the dining room is still tatami. There's a covered patio in the front that you walk through to get to the enterance. It's possible to eat on the patio, of course, and as you walk past you have the chance to oogle all the delicious items you'll soon be consuming. The interior isn't anything spectacular, just kind of like a regular neighborhood kind of place.

The service was ok... they're really busy, granted, but I found the servers to be kind of negligent. Orders took a bit of time, even for simple things like drinks, and no matter how many "sumimasen!!"s we'd yell out, they would take their time to get over to our table. Perhaps we got annoying after a while. 笑

But the food, ooooooooh the food. This isn't Japanese-style Korean food, this is the real thing. There were soooooooo many things to choose from that I couldn't possibly begin to list them. One of the people I went with was something of a regular, so we left the ordering up to her. Everything was absolutely fantastic!!! Matsuya even gives you free kimuchi and sanchu, something of a rarity in Japan. If you're into trying Korean liquor, they have a wide variety of that also.

I'm going to guess this place isn't English OK at all. The menu was in Korean and Japanese, no English or other foreigners in sight.

Matsuya is sort of on the expensive side, but if you hunger for authentic Korean food, I really recommend it. Go with a really big group of people in order to try a large variety of foods, though!!
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