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Guru-navi: Japan Restaurant Reviews!
City, Area: Genre: Restaurant Name 
1st-Feb-2006 10:34 pm
The general posting format should be as follows:

Name of restaurant (linked to their website if they have one)
Location (Prefecture and city)
Type: (general categories are: restaurant, izakaya, bar/pub, dining bar, cafe, other)
Genre: (generally the type of food, for example ramen, Indian, Japanese, French, Asian, No Nationality(無国籍), fugu, etc.)
Cost: (try to estimate a price range for food and drinks, for example "Lunch: 700~1500yen" or "Drinks: 500yen+")
Ratings: (On a scale of 1-5)
English OK:★★★☆☆


Try to provide a description (as brief or detailed as you'd like) of food, atmosphere, and service. If possible, post pictures! We love pictures! If there's no website avalible, try to provide an address or a description of how to get there.

If anyone has their own review, updates, or supplemental info/pictures, feel free to post them as a comment. Try to avoid making another post for a restaurant that has already been reviewed. =)

For tags, please input the restaurant genre and type.
3rd-Feb-2006 06:44 am (UTC)
Is the intent that reviews are the cost of food for an entire meal or per dish? (I only ask because your review in the post above talks about food being Yen 500-1,500 and then says the place was expensive - so I'm confused.)

I'm happy to post some reviews if I get a chance - personal favorites include:
http://www.lachance.jp (French - Hirakawacho)
http://www.eliolocanda.com (Italian - Hanzomon)
http://www.arossa.com (Australian/Italian - Shibuya)
http://www.manuel.jp/english/yotsuya.htm (Portuguese - Yotsuya / Shibuya)
http://www.seryna.co.jp/shop/shinjyuku-e.html (Shabu-Shabu / Teppanyaki - Shinjuku / Roppongi)

I wouldn't consider any of these cheap - they're probably Yen 5,000-10,000+ per head for three-course dinner and a reasonable bottle of wine - but reasonable value for what they are.
3rd-Feb-2006 05:29 pm (UTC)
Since it's an izakaya-like restaurant, I listed prices per dish. It's pretty safe to go with whatever is appropriate; if one typically orders al a carte then the price per dish would be good, if it's a course menu or a buffet or you went for lunch specials, go with the price of the course or the buffet or the lunch special.

Go right ahead and post anything! I was looking for a good French restaurant about a month ago, oddly enough. :)
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