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Guru-navi: Japan Restaurant Reviews!
Tokyo, Shibuya: Indian: Asian Garden 
10th-Feb-2006 09:05 am
Asian Garden
Tokyo, Shibuya
Type: Restaurant
Genre: Indian
Cost: All-you-can-eat buffet lunch: 980 yen
English OK:★★★☆☆(?)


Located on the other side of Shibuya station, the place where there's no crazy gyaru, no shopping, no tourists; the place where only salarymen and OL rome the streets, and only at lunch time. About 5 minutes from the station, though, and pretty easy to find because of the sign that says "Asian Garden" with a picture of a cool Indian guy coaxing you in to eat some fine Indian food.

They have a lunch buffet going on from 11am-3pm. I hit the restaurant up at just after 11am, and what a surprise! I was the only customer. It's pretty crazy having a buffet all to yourself, though as it drew closer to 12pm, the aforementioned salarymen, OLs, and some groups of girls wandered in. If you want your lunching experience to be a little more quiet and relaxed, going right at 11 or after 1:30pm is probably a good bet.

The food was nice!! They had a selection of 4 salads, 5 curries, 2 kinds of rice, nan, pudding, and two types of fruit. To drink they had water, coffee, and Lassi. The salads weren't your typical garden vegetable variety, but rather unusual salads utilizing things like saffron, sprouts, sato-imo, etc. Very delicious and very refreshing! The curries they had were this really red spicy chicken curry, chicken and egg curry, regular chicken curry, vegetable curry, and daal curry. My favorite was the spicy chicken... wow was it good!! If your spice tolerance is high you won't be sweating much, but it is very flavorful. All the curries were very good, though the daal wasn't as good as I've had at other restaurants. The nan was delicious, of course, as was the pudding. For pictures, check out this link.

The restaurant is quite large (a refreshing change from the curry places in Senta-gai) and can seat probably close to 50 people or more. As an added bonus, the tables aren't pushed brutally close together, leaving you with a lot of breathing room while you eat. The interior was well lit and decorated in tile, and there's a big-screen TV. The service was pretty normal; polite but not overly courteous.

None of the signs were in English, but as is usually the case with foreign-run restaurants in Tokyo, I'd assume someone can speak a little bit of English. Right before I left another foregner came in and spoke to the waitress, but I didn't hear if the waitress spoke good English or not. The dinner menu is in both English and Japanese, and for a lunch buffet I suppose you don't need any English anyway, right?!

Asian Garden is a good choice for any big eaters who want some awesome curry for lunch, but not the crowds that accompany it. The variety is really nice, and the food is delicious!
10th-Feb-2006 01:34 am (UTC)
This sounds DELICIOUS!!!! ♥ I'm definitely going to go here when I get the chance to go into Shibuya!! (It's really out of the way)
10th-Feb-2006 03:35 am (UTC)
My office is in Shibuya---which exit should I take? Could you give directions, please? =3
10th-Feb-2006 01:10 pm (UTC)
If you click the link there's a map. If you use the East Exit of Shibuya station, it'll put you in the correct general direction. I think even if you can't read Japanese, just looking at the map should be a bit helpful. :)
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